Dear faithful Punslingers,

Thank you so much for your continued love and support of this blog. We love the submissions, questions, comments, and jokes you guys send in. 

Recently we were approached by the good people at 140proof.com (who are also followers of the blog) about the prospect of incorporating targeted ads into Are We Having Pun Yet. After a lot of thought, consideration, and research, we’ve decided to give it a test run and inject 140Proof’s ad code into the blog. This is a really cool company that understands social media platforms and doesn’t want to clog screen with crappy .gifs advertising penis pills. It’s super clean, non intrusive, and the ads are targeted via the content that’s posted on the site. 

For the time being, the ads will only show up as block posts viewable by visiting the site itself. If you only view AWHPY through your dashboard, you will not see a change. 140Proof is taking great pains to organically incorporate their ads into the blogs they partner with and while dashboard integration is a goal in the future, for now, you won’t see anything there.

We trust you love us enough to continue this punderful journey despite an ad every once and a while and that you understand to continue spending as much time as we do scouring the web and irl for great puns, we gotta pay a few bills now and again.

I love you all.

Ethan & Team