200,000 awesome people

Oh my gosh. Logged in tonight to find we tripped the 200,000 follower mark.

I’m overwhelmed. Every like, reblog, and follow is a tiny affirmation that I, and subsequently, you are not alone. There are thousands of other amazing people from California to Australia that share our weird, stupid, punny sense of humor.

Every time I make a cringe worthy pun and my friends role their eyes, I can quietly smile and say, “I know 200,000 people who think you’re wrong.”

I know this is silly to say, since we are just talking about a blog about stores with punny names, but I truly love and appreciate all of you. Your pictures and submissions are the engine that make this thing keep moving. I’m grateful for every single one of you.

As we begin 2013, if you are a fan of this blog…tell one non tumblr user about the site. Share a post on Facebook or twitter. Tell your dad about us. The bigger we grow, the more I can do to make the blog better and better.

Wok and Roll,